Securitron Time Master II Programmable Timer

Securitron Time Master II Programmable Timer

Lifetime Warranty

Securitron Time Master II Programmable Timer

The ideal solution for unusual time sequencing requests like bank or ATM vaults.

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  • Industrial quality multi-function timer
  • 12 or 24VAC or VDC with 5 Amp DPDT relay output
  • DIP switches select delay times of 1 to 255 seconds or minutes
  • Seven operating modes:
    ON delay (timer is powered; relay energizes after delay and resets when the timer is unpowered)
    Triggered ON delay (same operation started from external switch)
    OFF delay (timer is triggered; relay energizes immediately and resets after delay)
    One shot (non-retriggerable OFF delay)
    Toggle (trigger closure energizes relay; next closure reset etc.)
    Cyclic (relay cycles on and off at time interval set)
    Pulse output (relay pulses for 1/4 second as external switch changes state)
  • Triggering can be from a N/O or N/C switch
  • Flashing LED drive output providing visual indication of remaining time
  • 12 or 24VDC, or 24VAC
  • Actual size: 3 x 4"

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This product has a Lifetime Warranty. Warranty is Provided by Securitron



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