Ikegami Super Cube DSP Color Camera

Ikegami Super Cube DSP Color Camera
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1 Year Warranty

Ikegami Super Cube DSP Color Camera

The ICD-505 is a 1/3-inch single-chip CCD Camera with 380.000 pixels for NTSC.

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The ICD-505 is a 1/3-inch single-chip CCD Camera with 380.000 pixels for NTSC. It also employs AES and Auto Iris functions in an overall compact design. The Super DVSP (Digital Video Signal Processor) provides super picture quality and back light compensation.


  • High Sensitivity
    High sensitive 1/3 inch CCD with ON-Chip- Micro Lens and high performance AGC signal processing. The camera delivers high sensitivity with a minimum illumination 0.35 lux/ F1.2.
  • High Perfomance
    Lower Smear level -110dB. low noise design and optimum detail compensation byDSPprovide excellent 48dB S/N ratio also crisp and sharpness images. It is high resolution with over 480TVlines.
  • Auto White Balance
    Auto Tracking White Balance (ATW) is featured. Appropriate correction can always be achieved to compensate for changes in color temperature of the scene.
  • AES and BLC
    Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES) and a high quality Back Light Compensation (BLC) are featured.
  • LL and INT Lock
    The camera supports AC Line Lock and Crystal Internal Lock.
  • AGC
    Available Auto Gain Control (AGC) ON/OFF switch.
  • Auto Iris Function
    Selectable between Video auto iris. DC auto iris and Manual iris lenses.

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Warranty Information

This product has a 1 Year Warranty. Warranty is Provided by Ikegami



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